Elene L. Johas Teener, LCSW

healing and wholeness through compassion, science and effective therapies

“HOLD ME TIGHT”® workshops are designed around 7 essential conversations that transform couple and family relationships. The workshops include targeted exercises (done entirely privately), videos, and material to understand what attachment is and why it is important — all to support couples in discovering how and why disconnection is impacting their relationships. Attendees will experience the power of connection and will practice making new moves toward one another. Love and intimacy will have a greater opportunity to grow as we learn to cultivate a climate of authenticity. Being authentic in relationships is easier said than done. It requires us to become aware of our actual felt experience, and to move beneath our more reactive emotions and protective strategies to find the courage to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and then show that to the people we want to be close to.

So many of us have never learned or seen real and safe vulnerable relationships and may have had very little experience with being vulnerable in relationships. These workshops are designed step by step to facilitate deepening your ability to safety connect and confront fears and hurts to build lasting connections.

Elene and Michael Johas Teener, have given 7 “Hold Me Tight” workshops. Initially Elene gave the workshops and Mike was the IT department and wingman. When I first started studying EFT, a decade ago, there were no other colleagues anywhere near us studying attachment, so Elene and Mike explored, discovered and practiced the work together. We took courses, and took two workshops ourselves as well as participated in EFT Therapy. At one point I wanted to see how a couple that are walking the walk as well as talking the talk helped a group of couples. It was the most impactful of the 9 workshops we have been involved in.

We have teamed up with Ghost Ranch, in Abiquiu, New Mexico, to provide a “Hold Me Tight®” annually over the Valentine’s Day week. This year, as part of our continuing quality improvements for the program, we decided that two days is not nearly enough time to give justice to the exercises and material — so we are increasing the time to four and a half days. This will allow us to move at a slower pace so everyone can digest the material, take time doing the exercises, and allow for more one and one time with couples when they ask. There will also be more time for couples to do homework outside of the workshop, process their changes, come back with specific questions and enjoy the benefits of the growth they are experiencing.

Whether you have been in couples therapy, are a mental health professional, or are brand new to working on your relationship you will benefit from these workshops. No matter where you are on your journey as a couple — just beginning or together for years — if you are having distressing conversations, or distancing and disconnections you will benefit from our workshops. Please feel free to contact me for more information. You can contact Ghost Ranch for registration and very reasonable pricing at +1-877-804-4678. The retreat includes housing, food, a special Saturday dinner and dance as well as all the great hiking, landscape, sky and yoga the Ranch is famous for.