I offer three types of supervision, individually or within a supervision group:


One is strictly for trauma, utilizing all the trauma modalities I have expertise and years of experience providing. These modalities include:

  • EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing,
  • IFS - Internal Family Systems,
  • Somatic Body Work - I have 30 years of training and application of Bioenergetic Therapy, with the deepest roots in all the present day somatic work,
  • TRIP - Trauma Regulation and Integration Process, which in addition to combining effective therapist utilizes OEI - One Eye Integration, a brain and body and psyche accessing and processing tool,
  • EFIT -Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy,

I have extensive experience in utilizing AARM - Adult Attachment Repair Model - an EMDR technique that processes developmental trauma.
You can check the rest of my website that goes into detail about those modalities.

EFT Supervisor in Training:

I offer specific EFT tools (written theory and techniques of the model will be taught and practiced) to supervise practitioners wanting to become more proficient, skilled, and gain mastery of and/or Certification in EFT - Emotionally Focused Therapy. EFT is the most researched and effective therapy ever developed and has longitudinal research showing nearly 70% success with distressed couples. Nothing is more effective and deeply transformative in our relationships to ourselves, loved ones and others than EFT. I have been Certified in EFT for 7 years and have studied attachment for close to 20 years. I have guided adults, children and developmentally distressed families with attachment trauma.

Supervision in trauma based EFT:

I also combine all the above to provide “trauma based EFT”. For many years clients in couples therapy with severe trauma were referred out to work individually. And while that is still quite helpful and appropriate in many cases, I believe it can be useful and greatly significant to work with trauma, either developmental or situational within the healing couples dyad for repairing the attachment breaks that happened in someone’s history or within the present relationship. This increases safety and improves the overall process of healing with EFT. Even if individual referral is appropriate, seeing couples and working with significant trauma within the EFT frame builds empathy, and they learn how to truly be allies in healing.